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About the Chef

Executive Chef Eric Meas

Cambodian born Eric Meas is destined to become a star in the culinary arena of Asian Fusion cuisine. The flavors of his native cuisine are met with the French, Japanese and other techniques learned from top chefs in the US. Beautifully presented, with a cacophony of layered flavors, the eye and the palate are tantalized yet never overwhelmed. So often the a bold combination of flavors results in confusion, but with Meas, the individual flavors of each dish maintains its own voice, the end result like a masterful yet simple to the listener, Bach fugue.

Born in Cambodia, starting at the age of 4 Eric Meas cooked with his mother preparing her delicious signature dishes on the street.  After moving to the US, he secured cooking positions in his early teens.  He worked under master chefs such as Daniel Boulud.  By the age of 16, his prodigious talent was recognized, earning him the sous chef position at the trendy Restaurant 44 at the Royalton.  His long term executive chef positions have been with establishments such as Palmetto Plantation House in New York and Venture Frogs Restaurant and Dot Restaurant & Radisson Miyako Hotel in San Francisco.  Yearning to learn more about his native Asian cuisine, Meas ventured to Singapore where he became the executive chef of well-known restaurant Velvet Room and Lounge.  After holding that position for over six years, he recently moved back to New York.

Over the course of his career with large trendy restaurants and hotels, Meas created and produced food for countless large events with cuisine ranging from straightforward traditional to high concept contemporary cuisine.  Celebrity clients include Tom Cruise, Sean Penn, Patrick Swayze, George Lucas, Whoopi Goldberg, Roseanne Arnold, Patrick Ewing, the Prince of Saudi Arabia, Sharon Stone, Michael Keaton, Christina Applegate, Luther Vandross, Metallica, Mayor Willie Browns, Olympic skater Mosley, Nicholas Graham, and many more.


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